Tips for Quick Checkout

Hoping to grab a micro art insert during the latest drop?
They're very limited quantity, so checking out quickly is super important! Here are some things you can do to speed up the process:
    1. If possible, be at a desktop computer on a wired internet connection to ensure the fastest load times.

    2. Set an alarm for five minutes before the drop to give yourself time to open the collection page. The page will appear blank about an hour before the drop happens while I get everything ready in the backend.

    3. Know what design and finish you want beforehand. The time to decide is not when the drop goes live!

    4. Check your autofill info! Autofill is a great tool for checking out quickly, but occasionally uses the wrong info and wastes precious time. Your autofill info can usually be found in browser settings.

    5. If you want to add any non-micro art items to your order of micro art, get them in your cart well before the drop so you can check out as fast as possible!

      Good luck, and if you miss out, don't worry! Check the drop schedule for your next opportunity.