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Sticker Surprise - Random 8 Pack

Sticker Surprise - Random 8 Pack

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A random assortment of 8 stickers in random finishes - creating unique variants not normally available for purchase, such as a sparkle holo Megalomania for example!

✨Each sticker surprise comes in a sealed foil packet and contains one guaranteed special Ultra Sparkle finish sticker for that booster pack experience. Try your luck!

What's the Ultra Sparkle finish? It's a combination of both Holo and Sparkle Holo finishes, creating a unique effect! Check out the video clip in the gallery.

  • 5 stickers from my entire catalog in random finishes - one in Ultra Sparkle!
  • 3 widdle stickers in Sparkle Holo
  • Sticker selection is truly random - each order is created using RNG.
  • Matte and Holo finishes weatherproof + dishwasher safe
  • Ultra Sparkle Holo and Sparkle Holo finishes NOT weatherproof or dishwasher safe, recommended for indoor use only
  • Free Tracked USPS Shipping within USA

Ships within 1-5 business days from Nevada, USA

These stickers are made by the artist and not mass produced. Some minor variances between each sticker should be expected!
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