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Axl + I-No 4.25" Vinyl Sticker - Holo, Sparkle Holo

Axl + I-No 4.25" Vinyl Sticker - Holo, Sparkle Holo

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"We pick up a memory to take with us as we go. We carved the knowledge into ourselves... that we were happy before, even if only once."

  • Choose between holo or sparkle holo finishes
  • Measures approx. 4.25" x 3.25"
  • Holo finish is weatherproof + dishwasher safe
  • Sparkle holo finish is not weatherproof or dishwasher safe, recommend indoor/dry use only

Ships within 1-5 business days from Nevada, USA

These stickers are made by the artist and not mass produced. Some minor variances between each sticker should be expected!


*Applies when shipping alone or together with postcard prints. If purchasing stickers and other non-print items within the same order, the other items will have their own shipping cost and ship separately.
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